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Multi Family Property Management

Our Multi Family Services will be tailored to you and your investment

Evaluation of Your Situation

We will use our best judgement to advise you on how to staff your property.  It may be part time, full time,  or a combination.  We have done this many  times and are flexible in working with you to determine the most economical use of human resources.

Onsite Staffing

All onsite staff will be vetted for criminal backgrounds to protect your residents and you from  potential liability.  In addition to hiring staff with a full vetting, we will make sure they are brought on board correctly and paid correctly.  Full training will be provided as well as access to our online database for your account.  Onsite employees will become employees of HomePointe, which is compliant with California employment law.  The owner will be billed for wages, taxes, workers compensation insurance, and administration costs.

Ongoing Management

Onsite managers never collect rent directly from the residents.  That is just too risky.   Current technologies we use allow us to direct payments to our website, to local retailers participating with CheckFreePay, or directly to us at our local office.  Best of all, there is no cost to the owner when tenants pay using these technologies and they are safe and secure. In addition, residents are able to see their ledgers  online in real time, put in new work orders, and communicate with us via phone, email, text, and in person.

Our onsite managers are directed to keep the property looking good.  Daily hours include time to walk and pick up the grounds, check lighting, check  for any hazards, and  check the refuse areas and parking.  Onsites are there to facilitate any repairs and most important, assist in getting any vacancies filled quickly and any disputes between residents or with management resolved as quickly as possible.


We will  take care of all the details insuring the employment agreement is in writing (a state law requirement if using the apartment as part of compensation),  time cards are completed, collected, and used for payroll and that the onsite has the  full training and support needed.

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