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5 Property Maintenance Tips for Your Memphis Rentals

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Maintenance problems are among the top ten reasons why renters decide to move. That’s why proper maintenance is so important for rental properties.Being proactive about your rental property maintenance will help keep your te... read more >>

5 Property Marketing Tips for New Landlords

Property Management Blog
Did you know that 61.7% of people looking to buy or rent a property conduct their search online first? Knowing the best way to market your properties helps you reach the most amount of people with a compelling message. Withou... read more >>

Full Service Property Management: Is It Worth It?

Property Management Blog
Hiring the right property management professionals can make your dream of earning a passive income from your real estate investments a reality.But, perhaps you've been wondering if it would be worth it to hire a full... read more >>

Tenant Placement Made Easy: The Ultimate Guide

Property Management Blog
As a landlord, you are legally free to set whatever conditions you want for a tenancy as long as they are related to business and don't violate any laws.This allows you to be more exclusive in your search for the right tenants... read more >>

Real Estate Investing in Tennessee: What You Need to Know

Property Management Blog
Have you been looking into the real estate investment industry?If so, it's not a bad way to invest in your future, build wealth, and retire peacefully. Property ownership can provide high levels of passive income.However, if y... read more >>

The Complete Tenant Screening Checklist for Landlords

Property Management Blog
Do you want to ensure you're getting the best tenants possible for your rentals? Whether we like to admit it or not, tenants can make or break your real estate investment. A bad tenant can cost you money with unpaid rental pay... read more >>

A Quick Guide to Tenant Lease Renewals

Property Management Blog
In recent years, the number of renters who chose to renew their leases reached 52.5%, an all-time high. This increase came even as rent prices climbed up by almost 5%. Lease renewals offer stability to landlords by retaining good ... read more >>
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