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5 Things You Can Do To Attract Long-term Tenants

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Over one in five households who rent in the United States move every year. That's tough for renters, but it's also tricky for landlords.As a landlord, attracting long-term tenants can be beneficial for both you and your te... read more >>

Property Renovations To Help Increase Your Property Value

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As a real estate landlord, you have to step into your tenant's shoes every day to figure out how to keep them happy. If they are happy, they will stay longer, which means fewer vacancies for you and more rental income in your ... read more >>

Redfin Uses Insights from HomeRiver Group

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Check out the recent Redfin article that HomeRiver Group's RVP Alex Goldthwaite was quoted in:Rental housing laws are in place to protect both landlords and tenants throughout the rental relationship. Whether the apartment is ... read more >>

4 Common Reasons Why Evictions Occur in Memphis, TN

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Did you know that there are more than 800,000 evictions in America every year?Evicting tenants is one of the most unpleasant aspects of being a landlord, but evictions can be inevitable. There are many legitimate reasons to evict ... read more >>

5 Property Accounting Tips for All Real Estate Investors

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Research states that the average real estate investor makes between $70,000-$124,000 per year. If you're not coming close to that number, it's time to figure out why.Being a successful real estate investor in Memphis is al... read more >>

5 Ways to Increase Your Rental Income in Memphis, TN

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In Memphis, TN, the average 1-bedroom rent is $1,001. Remember that this is just the average, so if you're charging under that, then you might want to rethink things.However, you can't just raise the rent price to increase... read more >>

3 Accounting Tips for All Real Estate Investors

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Landlords are becoming more frequent targets of IRS audits. If you don't want that to happen to you, you need to make sure that your accounting is on point. You don't want to get into any legal trouble.How can you avoid ma... read more >>

Essential Rental Property Maintenance Tips for New Investors

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With profits as high as $431,000 we understand why there are many new investors in the real estate market this year. Rental properties are a great source of passive income, but they also need plenty of work.Maintaining your rental... read more >>
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