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Why You Should Use a Real Estate Agent Referral Program

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The competition for housing is fierce right now, with the availability of homes dropping more than in the past.As a real estate agent, you're competing with many others to help buy and sell properties for clients, and you... read more >>

Evictions: 3 Costly Eviction Mistakes That Landlords Make

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While evictions are not something that a landlord ever wants to consider, sometimes they are left with no other choice. Unruly tenants who refuse to pay rent, carry out illegal activities on the premises or cause property damage c... read more >>

5 Tenant Screening That You Should Never Make

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Are you aware that over one-third of Americans rent instead of own their homes?If you have the resources and interest in becoming a landlord, then there will always be a huge demand for rental units. Owning a single-family home or... read more >>

The Grounds for Evicting a Tenant in Memphis

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Tennessee has an eviction rate of 2.78 percent, which equates to about 53 evictions a day. No one wants to go through a tenant eviction. However, sometimes it's unavoidable when a tenant acts in a way that isn't in agreeme... read more >>

Property Evictions in Memphis: What Are Your Rights?

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Memphis is the 28th-largest city in the United States. In 2020, this city had a population of over 633,104 people. Evictions are bound to happen with such a large population. Are you a landlord or tenant in this city? If so, ... read more >>
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