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4 Common Reasons Why Evictions Occur in Memphis, TN

HomeRiver Group Memphis - Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Did you know that there are more than 800,000 evictions in America every year?

Evicting tenants is one of the most unpleasant aspects of being a landlord, but evictions can be inevitable. There are many legitimate reasons to evict a tenant.

Continue reading to learn more about key reasons why tenants are evicted in Memphis, Tennessee.

1.) Breaks Rental Agreement

A rental agreement is a binding contract between landlord and tenant. If a tenant fails to comply with his or her contract conditions, landlords have the authority to penalize the tenant.

Depending on the severity of the contract break, the landlord may determine that eviction is the only option. As an example, a tenant brings a pet into the rental property even though the rental agreement forbids pets. The landlord learns of the tenant's pet and decides to evict the tenant for disobeying the rental contract.

Not all contract violations may warrant a tenant eviction, this is completely at the discretion of the landlord.

2.) The Tenant Does Not Pay Rent On Time

An eviction may be the best solution when a tenant consistently does not pay rent on time or refuses to pay rent at all. If a tenant does not pay rent, not only is he/she breaking the rental agreement but is taking advantage of the landlord.

Some landlords may choose to have a generous conversation with the tenant in question and give them a second chance. Other landlords may immediately start the eviction process. It simply depends on the situation and the landlord's protocol.

3.) Evictions and Property Damage

Another common reason for evictions is when tenants damage property or engage in reckless behavior. If a landlord discovers that a tenant is irresponsible and lacks respect for the rental property, the landlord may deem it in the best interest of the property to evict the tenant.

Accidents can occur and often landlords are understanding of this. However, if a tenant is reckless and damages property without remorse, the tenant may be a bad fit for the property.

4.) Illegal Activity at the Rental Property

If a tenant commits any illegal activity at the rental property, this is a sound reason to evict. Not only is eviction appropriate, but the landlord may be required to report the illegal activity to local authorities.

As an example, a tenant has been secretly storing illegal drugs in the rented property. The landlord has a strict zero-tolerance policy on drugs. As soon as the landlord discovers the illegal drug possession, the tenant is immediately evicted and reported.

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Evicting tenants is never an enjoyable experience, but a task that must be done in certain situations. Evictions can save landlords time, money, stress, and potentially even legal trouble.

With all the responsibilities of being a landlord, professional assistance can be beneficial and comforting. With a property management partner, landlords can delegate tasks and have more time to focus on pressing matters.

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