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How the Tenant Portal Can Help You Manage Your Rental Property

HomeRiver Group Memphis - Friday, November 4, 2022
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You know the benefits of being a landlord or property owner, from building wealth to achieving financial freedom. However, the way you manage your properties and the tools you use will determine how much you can truly gain from your real estate investments. 

If you haven't heard of the tenant portal or you don't have one now, we're here to tell you about the many benefits of one. This online tool makes renting easier than ever, giving tenants access to resources and the ability to pay rent online. 

Here's what you should know about an online portal and why you need one. 

What Is a Tenant Portal? 

Tenant portals are online platforms for both owners and tenants. Renters can log in to access their information, communicate with the landlord, submit maintenance requests, pay rent, and more. 

The information viewed remains secure, including lease agreements, payment information, etc. Residents can view this information, send messages, or put in a maintenance request, all from the comfort of their homes or apartment. They no longer have to visit an office or leave a voicemail to address an issue. 

Property management software includes owner and tenant portals. This software is easy to use and makes renting and managing property much more convenient. 

Benefits of Online Portals

One of the benefits of digital tenant and owner communication is that you can cut down on paper use. An estimated one billion trees' worth of paper gets thrown away each year in the United States. 

You can do your part and reduce the paper wasted with fewer printed papers. You can cut down on the paper used for maintenance requests, checks and envelopes, and notices. 

Digital communication also reduces the chances that a paper might get lost somewhere. When you use online portals, it's more likely to make it to the recipient. If there is a glitch, there's usually a digital record of the incident. 

For instance, if a rent payment doesn't go through, a tenant can see this immediately rather than wondering for a few days why a check hasn't been processed yet. 

Opening up communication and including emails and online messages reduces the number of incoming calls you have to handle as well. As a landlord or owner, you understand it's all too easy for your phone to fill up with voicemails. 

Anyone with internet access can use an online portal as well. These days, most people have a smartphone, tablet, or computer where they can access the internet. In fact, 93% of American adults use the internet. 

A Tenant Portal Makes Your Job Easier

Any landlord or property manager can benefit from an owner and tenant portal. This online tool makes renting easier and more convenient. It improves transparency, gives tenants access to key information, makes paying rent more efficient, and more. 

To experience all the benefits of a tenant portal, you simply need to start working with a property management company. 

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